Daily Current Affairs 31 March 2023

Daily Current Affairs 31 March 2023 – Healthcare costs have been a major concern for governments since the start of the COVID pandemic. As the pandemic begins to recede, governments are under intense pressure to focus on other lost programs to eradicate the disease. For example, cases of Malaria, AIDS, Hepatitis etc. are increasing exponentially in India and many other countries. These diseases increase..

The economic review is presented the day before the budget meeting. The Treasury Department is preparing an investigation. According to the survey, in 2024, India’s GDP growth rate will be between 6% and 6.8%. Public digital platforms play an important role in driving economic growth to 2022. Indian rupee outperforms…

Daily Current Affairs 31 March 2023

Layoff means firing an employee from a job. Trading suspended due to reduced profits. When a company is not profitable enough to pay all its employees, it exits. Recently, IBM (International Business Corporation), one of the largest technology companies in the world, laid off 3,500 employees. This is the biggest layoff since…

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The Bangladesh government faces several macroeconomic issues. The country has a large current account deficit. The value of the Bangladeshi currency, the taka, is falling. The country’s foreign exchange reserves are dwindling. To help Bangladesh recover from these economic stresses, the IMF recently approved a $4.7 billion…

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Hyderabad is the cyber city of India. Genome Valley, India’s first global biotech cluster, has settled in the Cyber ​​City. Today, the Telangana State Government, Federal Government and several other international organizations are organizing the BIO ASIA Forum at Genome Valley. The forum is the largest international..

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Reports detailing a country’s financial situation are called economic surveys. The survey was published by the Treasury, which took it to Parliament. The finance minister submitted the report of the investigation after the president spoke. Every budget meeting in the coalition begins with a speech from the president. About economic research..

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This site uses cookies to improve your experience. By using this site, you agree to our Privacy Policy. India’s agricultural sector has seen tremendous growth in the past two years. India’s agricultural exports are expected to hit a new high in the fiscal year ending March 31, 2023. but.

India’s vast arable land, coupled with diverse agro-ecological conditions, offers great potential for growing agricultural products. American spices and fruits are world-renowned for their high quality. India leads the world in the production of various products. According to the FAO, India is the largest producer of milk, pulses and jute and the second largest producer of rice, wheat, sugar cane, groundnuts, vegetables, fruits and cotton. India is also one of the major producers of spices, fish, poultry, livestock and plantation crops.

Globally, India has the second-largest agricultural output at $367 billion, but its share of the export market is negligible. This heralds a great opportunity to increase exports. With diversification of global value chains becoming a global priority, India faces an excellent opportunity to increase agricultural exports and rapidly transform the agricultural economy.

Effective action at multiple levels ranging from agricultural inputs, quality assurance, traceability and certification to establishing linkages with global value chains (GVCs) can help India reach the milestone of USD 100 billion in agricultural exports in the next few years.

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Main source of livelihood: Agriculture and its related sectors are the main source of livelihood in India. It employs 152 million Indians by 2021. Seventy percent of rural households still depend primarily on agriculture for their livelihood.

Increased Farmer Income: Increasing the export of agricultural products at globally competitive prices will help increase farmer income. However, there is a need to ensure that farmers and not middlemen benefit from agricultural exports.

Rural Development: Improving farmers’ income will stimulate rural demand and promote rural economic growth and development.

Trade Balance: Agricultural exports have been better than agricultural imports. The agricultural sector regularly runs trade surpluses. This helps to moderate the current account deficit (CAD) and helps increase foreign exchange reserves.

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Domestic Policy: India’s agricultural policy is more focused on food security and price stability, which affects the direction of agricultural export policy. This is evidenced by the recent export bans on wheat and rice. Agricultural exporters are often affected by policy failures. The policy prevents farmers from selling at higher prices on international markets. Import restrictions reduce farmers’ incentives to grow export crops when international prices are at their peak.

Value Added: Most of India’s agricultural exports consist of low-value and semi-processed products that have limited demand in global markets. The share (in total production) of processed food in India is very low.

Lack of uniformity: Lack of uniform quality standards, commodity standardization and high losses in the value chain limit the export potential of horticultural products.

Maximum Residue Limits (MRL): Agricultural products from India are rejected due to pesticide and chemical residues above the maximum residue limit (MRL) of the importing country. In the past, Indian products such as basmati rice, grapes and peanuts have been rejected.

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Lack of awareness among farmers about using chemicals in appropriate quantities and in a timely manner is a major obstacle.

Apple is working on a new display technology called microLED, which is considered the next big thing in the display industry. MicroLEDs are self-emitting diodes that are brighter and have better color reproduction than organic light-emitting diode (OLED) display technology.

MicroLED technology is based on the use of sapphire, known for its ability to emit light infinitely.

The technology involves using small light-emitting diodes (LEDs) packaged together to create bright, high-quality displays. Unlike OLED displays, microLED displays use inorganic materials such as gallium nitride.

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MicroLEDs are as small as cutting a centimeter of hair into 200 smaller parts. Each of these microLEDs is a semiconductor that receives an electrical signal. Once these microLEDs are assembled, they form a module. Several modules are then combined to form a screen.

MicroLEDs are infinitely scalable because they are resolution-free, bezel-less, aspect-ratio-free, and uniform in size. The screen can be freely changed into any shape for practical use.

Micro LED uses gallium indium nitride semiconductor. Using tiny LEDs, each pixel can be turned on or off. This is not possible with traditional methods

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